About us

Peritus Knowledge Services Corporation is a boutique consulting company established in 2015 by two senior telecom and consulting executives. We focus on two key areas:

  •   Cloud-based big data analytics
  •   Development and execution of data-driven business programs.

The driving force for the company is the observation that big data and analytics programs get slowed down in internal technical conversations and execution delays. Our approach focuses on quickly proving and providing business value in a cost-effective manner. We achieve this by combining open-source cloud-based analytical solutions/advanced data science techniques and strong program management. This helps you to quickly analyze and monetize the data and the information that you have access to.

We go beyond providing only a statistical model but support you with the full execution of your analytics program. Insights are valuable, but the execution is the key to success!

Our team is mainly based in the Philippines and services customers worldwide. We tailor our solutions to your specific requirements such as security and privacy regulation.

We are looking forward to discussing your requirements and how we can support you!

Drew Guttadore
Andrew Guttadore
Chief Operations Advisor
Jovan Barac
Jovan Barac
Co-Founder & CEO